Suidpunt Potpourri

Written by Desiree Kleinhans , owner of Suidpunt Potpourri.

I’ve purchased my shop 15 years ago. It’s been in existence since 1997, a small little shop opened by a dynamic woman with a vision for Agulhas. It created a platform for individuals who handcrafted items on a small scale, but did not know how to sell their products, long before the existence of “buying and selling” Facebook groups.
I used to be one of the exhibitors in her shop, and on more than one occasion she sold all my fabric-painted items.

One December, she suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. The shop was put up for sale, and I jumped at the opportunity to buy it. After restorations and alterations, we opened our doors in October 2004.

From the start, both my husband and I were extremely passionate about this undertaking. He is in construction, and even before the ink on the contract dried, he started with the alterations. Piece by piece we extended our premises; a coffee shop opened inside Potpourri, and so we expanded from a very small 100 meters square, to what we have today, close to 700 square meters of floor space.
We have a wide range of products: decor, toys, eats, Christian books, art supplies, souvenirs for tourists, baby clothes, and many more affordable gifts. It was, and still is, a privilege to experience our yearly growth and to see the excitement of the holiday makers to discover the yearly changes we’ve made.

About four years ago, we purchased the property across the street, and turned it into a guesthouse with the appropriate name of Potpourri Stay. Our clients can now EAT, BUY, and SLEEP!